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Town sent police to confiscate EMS radios

by leshigh on 7th-April-2014


Shannon Worrell of the Lake Waccamaw Auxiliary, which provides emergency ambulance service to areas in and around Lake Waccamaw and Hallsboro, told commissioners Monday night that Lake Waccamaw police officers had gone “door-to-door” confiscating emergency radios used by volunteers who respond to and run emergency calls.

Not all the radios were taken, but Worrell said it created a situation where members were without radios and relying on cell phone calls to relay emergency calls.

“The town is ignoring safety,” Commissioner Buddy Byrd declared. “It doesn’t make sense to me.. It’s like someone is having a house fire and you take his or her phone out. I am not taking sides, but I might be the one busted up on the highway that needs help. It is an endangerment to our community.”

The town and Auxiliary are in a dispute over equipment as both  sides await a judge’s final opinion over what the town owns to operate the fire department, and what the Auxiliary owns to operate the rescue squad.


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  • Concerned Citizen

    The Auxiliary is not a “Rescue Squad”!!! They provide EMS service and that is all they are trained to do! You want to talk about risking peoples lives? That is exactly what these people did! They were so lax at there job of Fire and Rescue that the state shut them down! The town had to step up to protect the people of Lake Waccamaw!!!! There are many good citizens that have stepped up and cleaned up the mess that was left behind in order to get the department reopened by the state. The only side to take on this is the protection of the people! Get these “Auxiliary” people out of the “Fire and Rescue” service now, for the good of the people!!!!

  • John

    Just wanted to let you know that as usual you are wrong. The Auxiliary is chartered under the State for EMS and rescue services. The Auxiliary has never been shut down, just the town fire department! When the Town stepped up, the State stepped in and shut them down. Members of the Auxiliary are way more certified and more trained than any of the Towns fire department

    • Concerned Citizen

      As usual? First time I have posted but will not be my last, I will stand up for my town and my family! I will not attack you on you incorrectness about myself but I will on the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary will no longer be considered station 9 in the next month or so as a new number will be issued to the EMS (no rescue is mentioned on purpose here). The Auxiliary let this town and its citizens down. The department was a nasty mess, I walked through it myself. The EMS blankets were stored in the women’s restroom! That is a horrible thing to do to the people you are suppose to be serving. How dare they put one of loved ones on a blanket that was stowed on a bathroom floor! Next lets discuss how highly trained they are. For one, they are so highly trained that they hid there records when the state came to inspect? Second how many of these highly trained firefighters and rescue personal were answering calls when the town stepped in and removed a Chief that was failing his duties? Before you answer that one remember those calls are public record and there is only one name listed. Lastly for this response let me just say sir, I would be willing to bet that I am more qualified than probably all of the auxiliary. I have seen the records, I have seen the nastiness, I have seen this town let down by people they trusted. Now I look forward to an educated response and an adult level conversation please.


    Concerned Citizen, I appreciate your concern for the town people in Lake Waccamaw, I am one of those. I am also a very intelligent person therefore I would also like to indulge you in a few FACTS….The Town of Lake Waccamaw took over the Fire department over a YEAR ago as a matter of fact it was almost 2 now. Therefore whatever you saw was very much the towns fault as well. As far as blankets on the floor in the bathroom that’s just untrue there have been multiple classes held in that building up to the removal of the auxillary and there were NEVER any of the things you have said present. The qualifications of the personnel you question are public as well maybe you should look them up before you speak. If you are truly as qualified as you claim then why would you not have been volunteering prior to? Next It is easy to throw stones from the outside looking in. There are more than 20 members of that department that make up the Auxillary and they are strong and functioning AND were the same members that kept our town at a 6 rating, the town took over and within a year it is CLOSED and if reopens will only have a 9s rating for at least a year of the probationary period. We need a fire dept here but we had one that was functioning well and kept us all at a comfortable insurance rate. Im sure the town needs to blame someone and that is fine the Auxillary has taken all that has been thrown at them and is still getting the job done in Rescue, Water Rescue, Extrication, and EMS. Nothing you say on here will affect that and your blatent disrespect for what they have done for our town for 20+ years only says to me that you are a part of the problem not the solution. Enough with all the accusations that are apparently very unfounded since a Judge in the Supreme Court heard ALL of BOTH sides and sided with the Auxillary. They were granted all of their requests and will continue to do an upstanding job providing quality care for all the citizens in their disctrict. Now I hope you have a good day and I would encourage you to meet me at the church doors on Sunday am at the Methodist church because Jesus can calm this storm you are trying to brew

    • Concerned Citizen


      “LAKE WACCAMAW – This town’s fire department is out of business for now, shut down by the State Fire Marshal’s Office on Tuesday just a month after its long-serving chief was fired.”

      Not years my brother in Christ, just weeks! There is a huge difference there! Facts are what is needed here and it starts with the citizens of this town knowing the truth! I am one of the citizens that are up there straightening out the mess that was left behind! I have the pictures that I took on my first visit up there after my wife came out of the restroom very upset. I did try to upload them on here but they are too large. Very sad as I would love to hear the excuses for them being in there. I have blatant disrespect for the situation they placed my family and neighbors in. Twenty years of service was flushed down the toilet when the pride in the station went away. The Judge did what was right and gave them a boat to use until Station 9 reopens, that does not make them Water Rescue! The judge gave them some file cabinets and a safe, that is not going to do much rescuing. Oh yes and a refrigerator, that will serve the community well in someones garage now wont it. Oh yes, must keep the meds cool right? Well I am glad that will be its only purpose! Lets be real here and ask ourselves this, what good did it do the auxiliary to divide the town and it’s people? None, all they have done is bring everyone down. They did manage to get the fire rating increased. The media spin to make the town look bad has been done very well by them, so congrats to them on making more trouble. I am sure to hear more from you soon, I look forward to our discussions!

      • John

        Well, I have spoken with one of your friends today and I must admit that your previous certifications are impressive! I hope that you are able to use your knowledge about fire to help the department to grow. I am a little concerned though as how you are able to go on the computer and judge people that way that you are doing considering your current position. I would hope that you would sit back and take a look at your own actions and opinions. While some of the statements that you have made are true, there are numerous ones that are not.

  • Concerned Citizen

    If a representative of the paper is monitoring this discussion I can email you the pictures of the blankets and pillows being stowed in the ladies restroom. As well as the pillow cases in the same storage container as a can of raid and the toilet plunger!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I have a question. If the Auxiliary raised money and gave it to the town for the Fire Department, then once it was received by the Fire Department, did it not automatically belong to the Fire Department? When raising money for a particular person, organization, etc. I was under the impression that all proceeds must go to said person, organization, etc. If that is so then any money raised for equipment for the Fire Department belongs to them not the Auxiliary.

    I really don’t know all the ins and outs of the whole situation. As a matter of fact I really don’t believe there is one person that does. However, with that being said, the real people who are being affected are the citizens or ones traveling in the Lake Waccamaw Fire District. Most of those people are taxpayers and they are the real owners of the vehicles and equipment. When it comes down to it, it’s not the Town of Lake Waccamaw or the Auxiliary that is suffering, it’s the citizens. Step back, take yourself out of the picture and ask yourself, “What would happen if a person’s life or home is lost because of my selfishness?” I do understand there are other departments covering the district, but it takes longer to get another district’s trucks and manpower to Lake Waccamaw’s district.

    • John

      The ambulances are operating better than ever. New members and support from everywhere. Nobody should ever be concerned about their safety unless they are needing a firetruck

      • Concerned Citizen

        And that worry would be why? Are the stations that are providing coverage until Lake Waccamaw reopens not very good? I was under the impression that they are highly trained and skilled firefighters! So John, you are telling us that we only have a ambulance to come get us? I hope it comes from Whiteville!!!!!

        • John

          NO it will come from the Auxiliary. Very well trained people! And for your other question, yes the stations that are helping you until the town reopens are great. All of the surrounding departments do a great job

  • Bridget

    This is crazy that the same political mess in Washington DC could also divide a beautiful town such as Lake Waccamaw a place that I was born and raised in.

  • Cowboy

    This is such a poor choice as to where to hold this argument. There are four sides to every story we read here. Your’s, theirs, the papers, and then the truth. I wish both sides the best in this horrible ordeal. I wish the town and Chief Gore all the best in getting the Fire Department back up and running as quickly as possible. I wish Chief Morgan the very best in keeping his EMS services running and in finding them a new home to operate out of. I Hope that when this ends, and it will eventually end, that both sides realize that they will be working together on calls and must act in a professional manner. Your actions will be watched by the community very closely for years after this. Just reading what is on here upsets me. I have read all of the comments and the ONLY one I agree with is Bridget. Two sides bickering just like politicians and the only ones getting hurt are those they are suppose to be serving. People we are strongest when together and weakest when divided.

    • John

      OMG NOBODY COULD OF SAID IT BETTER! Thank you so much and I think that all involved should take a real close look at your post.