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Janis Creech I 15 hours ago

Newman’s Chase chances take a blow at Indy Ryan Newman, who made the Chase for ....[read more]

Janis Creech I 15 hours ago


Janis Creech I 15 hours ago

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  • Dunn sweeps Burgaw 11-1 and 8-2 to win NCDYB Majors title,
  • Game 1 Final. Burgaw 7 Dunn 5. Game 2 Saturday at 11. NCDYB Majors,
  • Dunn defeats West Robeson American 3-2 in 7 innings,
  • 2-2 bottom of 6. Dunn batting,
  • Burgaw defeats Kannapolis 7-3 to advance to championship series,
  • West Robeson American eliminates Columbus County 15-5. Face Dunn Thursday at 7,
  • Burgaw will face Kannapolis at 6 Thursday on field 2. Kannapolis will be home team,
  • West Rob American 11 Columbus Co. 5 after3rd. Burgaw defeats Etown 4-3. Burgaw will play Kannapolis tomorrow,
  • Levine's 2 run homer makes it West rob 9 Columbus 5 entering B3,
  • Burgaw and Etown tied at 3 in T5,
  • McGirt with 2nd homer this a 3 run shot. West Rob leads Columbus County 9-3 after 2nd,
  • 6-3 West rob in B2 still batting with o outs,
  • After 4 Burgaw 3 Etown 2. Winner faces Kannapolis Thursday for bracket championship,
  • After 1st CC and WRA tied at 3. McGirt 2 run homer for WR. Burgaw leads Etown 3-2 in B4. Burgaw is home team,
  • Columbus County scores 3 in T1. West Rob American coming to bat. Justin Connor with a 2 run homer,
  • Etown 2 Burgaw 2 entering B3,
  • FINAL: South Columbus Angels defeat Burgaw 4-2 to win the Dixie Girls X-Play State Championship. Congratulations to South Columbus!,
  • Burgaw scores 2 in B1 lead 2-1 over Etown after first,
  • Softball: If the South Columbus Angels win against Burgaw, they will clinch the N.C. Dixie Girls Championship.,
  • Softball: South Columbus adds another run in the bottom of the third to extend its lead over Burgaw to 4-2.,
Frank Thoughts

Franklin Davis I 4 days ago

After spending several days at the NC Dixie Youth Majors Tournament in Cerro Gordo, I ....[read more]
I Like Sports and I Don't Care Who Knows

John Thomas I 2 months ago

I have no patience for athletes who exhibit poor sportsmanship. None. I can handle athletes ....[read more]
Take the Lake Corner

Grant Egley I 1 week ago

We have been featuring physical fitness and getting ready to do the Take the Lake ....[read more]