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Spice has put three young people in hospital

by Bob High on 7th-August-2014

Spice, which is marketed in many names and can be bought in South Carolina, but is illegal in this state, has put three young people from Columbus County in the hospital for treatment as overdose victims.
The synthetic cannabinoid product is marked “Not for human consumption,” but is being smoked in flavored cigars or as a marijuana joint in the Whiteville area just about every night.
Eight youths, ages 18 to 20, have been arrested on felony charges involving the products.
See more about Spice in today’s edition of The News Reporter.

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  • citizensugarcane

    Another result of prohibition-young people experiment with even more dangerous substances than the ones that have been prohibited. Many A students die every year huffing duster because that does not show up on drug tests, and kids use this stuff instead of nontoxic natural cannabis.