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  • Mike Roberts

    I’m a son of the Confederacy, and my ancestor, Private Bluford Roberts of the 130th Ga Cavalry, fought for his state, He was no property owner, slave, nor other, but he answered the call of his state to defend it’s right to govern as it saw fit.
    That being said, I know of no other flag of a conquered army flown in the US. Why is this not condemned.
    As a cadet in college, I ordered others to remove the flag from a detachment building because it was a conquered army’s flag and had no place amongst the memorials present in that complex. I then refused to allow them to ceremoniously three fold the flag with honor. It was removed and we never had the issue again, btw, this was a GA campus.
    As cadets, many of whom would be military officers, it was important in my eyes, that they showed no divided loyalty.
    I’m honored that my great, great grandfather took up arms in defense of his state, I wish he had had the understanding of the ages since to see its underlying immortality and futility.
    No conquered army’s flag should be diaplayed, save a reinactment that truthfully interprets the cause of war, or in a museum labeled, “Defeated by the Armies of the Republic.”