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Real estate gimmick reported

by Jefferson Weaver on 11th-August-2014

A local attorney reports that scammers are targeting local residents for fake deed fees.

Richard Wright of Tabor City said several of his clients have recently been contacted by a firm claiming to be a California company handling the recording of deeds with the county—a task Wright and other real estate attorneys handle for their clients.

“This document…looks very official and urges the recipient to send $83, which could be paid by phone or by check in order for that person to receive exactly what I have already sent to them,” Wright said in an email.

“I am concerned about this and cannot help but wonder if this is an attempt to gain important financial information from the person who receives this notice.”

The firm soliciting the fees, Record Transfer Services, is not technically breaking the law. The firm is only offering copies of public records that the client should have received from their attorney, and can obtain from the county.

The letter from the firm even says “This service is to obtain a copy of your property profile and grant deed or other record of title is not associated with any governmental agency. You can obtain a copy of your grant deed or other record of title from the county recorder where your property is located in.”

See today’s NR for the whole story.

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