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  • Testimony is over in the Marty Lewis trial. Closing arguments Wednesday. A verdict could come that afternoon.
  • Marty Lewis' defense rests at 3:58 p.m. after calling six character witnesses. State now presenting rebuttal witnesses.
  • Marty Lewis concludes testimony. Stays with contention all his actions were for investigative purposes.
  • On cross examination Lewis admits not opening case files on Scott, Packer, or Meares.
  • Marty Lewis says on direct examination any drug deals were part of investigation of James Scott, Tamika Packer and Jack. Meares.
  • RT : Lewis says he had no case file on investigation but kept count of how many pills Packer bought in his Daytimer.
  • RT : Lewis testifies there was no cocaine in his house when he left prior to his arrest.
  • RT : Lewis says his sexually suggestive texts with Tamika Packer were "part of the role playing" necessary for his drug investigation.
  • RT : Lewis says he didn't tell SBI that Scott was informant to protect his safety.
  • RT : Marty Lewis testifies that his investigation broadened to include the town of Fair Bluff's finances.
  • RT : Lewis says he got pills from James Scott for Tamika Packer as part of larger investigation into pharmacy owned by councilman Jack Meares.
  • Marty Lewis is first defense witness in his trial. On the stand now...
  • Defense in Marty Lewis trial to begin presenting its case Tuesday morning. Follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the day.
  • Detectives investigating body found floating under Red Hill Rd. bridge 4 p.m. Monday. Victim reportedly shot. Red Hill Rd. is closed.
  • Marty Lewis trial resumes this morning with more testimony by the SBI and cross examination. See for updates.
  • Testimony starts today in Marty Lewis trial. Lewis was Fair Bluff PD chief and is facing drug charges.
  • Summer Ellis of Whiteville was the first person in line for the at the store this morning.
  • Crowds gathered in the pre-dawn hours to get the Iphone 6 Friday. See photo.
  • The News Reporter's Walllyce Todd begins a series of articles today (TH) about mental illness & other social concerns that create depression
  • It rained nearly eight inches at the Lake this weekend and at the Border Belt Research Station.
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No ID of body found Monday afternoon
No ID…
Jury arguments, decision next in Marty Lewis trial
Jury arguments,…
Body found under Red Hill Road bridge
Body found…
Nealey-Wooten vows exchanged
Nealey-Wooten vows…
Jury selection begins in Cumbee murder trial
Jury selection…
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Meares- Cockerham
Meares- Cockerham
  • No ID of body found Monday afternoon

    No ID of body found Monday afternoon I September 30th, 2014

    Jury arguments, decision next in Marty Lewis trial

    Jury arguments, decision next in Marty Lewis trial I September 30th, 2014

    Body found under Red Hill Road bridge

    Body found under Red Hill Road bridge I September 29th, 2014

    Nealey-Wooten vows exchanged

    Nealey-Wooten vows exchanged I September 29th, 2014


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