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By ALLEN TURNER Staff Writer A meeting to discuss what it would cost to place
Aug 30, 2015
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A leaking water main along Canal Cove at Lake Waccamaw is causing pressure problems on
Aug 4, 2015
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Whiteville officials will hold a workshop Wednesday to discuss moving the municipal offices due to
Aug 3, 2015
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  Members of the Columbus County board of commissioners Monday night scheduled a public meeting
Jul 7, 2015
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  President Randy Norris of the proposed Veterans Memorial Park of Columbus County Inc. appeared
Jul 7, 2015
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  • Friday night storm clouds over Lake Waccamaw.
  • Traffic backed up on Hwy 74 near Bolton at Livingston Creek Market due to wreck.
  • The overpass at Union Valley Road & U.S. 74-76 has been shut down as crews attempt to repair several downed power lines from earlier storm.
  • CFD reporting some homes damaged on peacock road near chadbourn
  • N Whiteville and Brunswick VFDs called to help Chadbourn with several downed trees and power lines Wed. at 5:15.
  • Fire and rescue dispatched to possible tornado touchdown west of Chadbourn. Wednesday at 5 pm
  • Dr Bryan Abernethy named new ECHS principal. Was asst. principal at Topsail Middle.
  • Excessive Heat warning issued for Columbus County TU, July 21. Expires at 7pm.
  • RT : The POP! Selfie Olympics! Post your selfie on Instagram using , and you could win a pizza party:
  • Severe thunderstorm warning in effect for north Whiteville, LW and Hallsboro until 2:15 Monday
  • Daniel Carl Walters, 67, is the man who drowned in the farm pond south of Whiteville Friday. He had been fishing.
  • One person has drowned in a small farm at Dogwood estates at the city limits in S Whiteville Friday v
  • One person died after being rear-ended by a Hummer near Williams Township Thursday morning.
  • RT : NCHP on scene of signal vehicle in the ditch. West bound 74/76 at NC Hwy 701 intersection. Weather related?
  • RT : Are you proud to call Columbus County home? Check out @high_how_are_u's top 10 signs you are from the County on POP!:
  • The Declaration of Independence is read at the McNeills at Lake Waccamaw for 69th time
  • RT : Chances are you have seen Steve T. Epp rolling his cross throughout Columbus County for the past week. Story:
  • About 1,500 without power in Whiteville and Chadourn at 10 pm. No major fires or wrecks reported, though numerous stoplights still out.
  • Storm appears stalled in whiteviile and points south
  • Duke Energy reporting multiple outages in Whiteville, incl. 701 severe T storm warning, heavy rain til 10:15
Education News
Due to a water main break, Cerro Gordo Elementary released school today at 1:30 p.m. Workers

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Sports of all Sorts
Wet grounds and courts have caused postponements of numerous high school sporting events scheduled for ....

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Posted on Sep 1st, 2015

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  • Concerned Citizen

    I wish the Reporter would make the correct name changes. The EMS service is provided by the Auxiliary, their station name and number will be assigned within the next month. Station 9 Fire and Rescue is provided by Lake Waccamaw Fire and Rescue department.

    • John

      Another false statement by the “concerned” one. Station 9 Fire and Rescue is being provided by Hallsboro, Buckhead, and Bolton!

      • Concerned Citizen

        No sir,
        Station 9 is station 9 Lake Waccamaw Fire and Rescue, Hallsboro, Buckhead, and Bolton are the mutual aid stations (each with their own station identification number) that are providing fire coverage until station 9 reopens. They have provided a great service to this community in this unfortunate time.

        • John

          That is what I meant. It is great that the surrounding departments have stepped up and you are very correct in saying “during this unfortunate time. All involved needs to grow up and do what is right for the community