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Lake Waccamaw offers to launch EMS

by Nicole Cartrette on 22nd-April-2014


Monday night, Lake Waccamaw Mayor Daniel Hilburn asked Columbus County Commissioners to opt out of a contract it has with the Lake Waccamaw Auxiliary for emergency ambulance services. Hilburn told commissioners the town was making progress on reestablishing its fire department and is willing to start a rescue squad that was at intermediate level that in time could provide paramedic level service. Doing so would make it only the second rescue squad in the county credentialed to provide paramedic level (the highest level of service). See more in Thursday’s News Reporter.

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5 Comments for “ Lake Waccamaw offers to launch EMS ”
  1. John

    They also offered to start a fire department and that has not been done! It just seems that maybe the Town should try upholding one of its promises before it jumps into another area.

  2. John

    They also offered to start a fire department and that has not been done! It just seems that maybe the Town should try upholding one of its promises before it jumps into another area.

  3. siren

    All this amounts to is Whiteville Rescue wanting to take over the whole county. The chief works for Whiteville Rescue.

    • John

      I am not 100 percent sure about this. Several Whiteville members do not support this move at all. I think that Jerry Gore is pushing for the contract and has three of Whiteville members by his side however the entire group is not involved. Chief Strickland from WRU should remove Jerry from the roster for creating this controversy and getting another agency involved. The town of lake waccamaw is not interested in the people of the town no matter what kind of sales pitch the state trooper mayor tries to imply. They are acting on spite right now. I hope the commissioners and the people of the community can see through all of this. Daniel keeps saying how the town has done all of this since 1955. WHAT A LIE! The town got involved two years ago and has caused the fire department to close and they have been unable to reopen it for several months. The ones from the Auxiliary that “walked out” was the ones that kept the entire operation working and had a fire rating of a 6. Must not of been too bad. Remember Jerry’s quote’ ” we are going to reopen. we may not be as good as it was but we are going to try”. Even he knows that the town really stepped in too deep. Manager Currie even said that he knew that there would be consequences to the towns decision but he had no idea it would be this bad. If leadership really cared then maybe they would try to get experience back in the department instead of all of the older residents that have said “we are going to join. we cant fight fire, don’t want to go to training, and are not interested in monthly meetings but we a re going to put our names down to restart the department.” What type of protection is this?

  4. Concerned columbus citizen

    John, you are an idiot. You make totally unsubstantiated claims to further an obvious ulterior agenda. You cannot POSSIBLY have the BEST interest of the citizens of the LWFR district considering these comments you are making. Remember….the actions or lack thereof on the part if the last regime are totally responsible for the the shutdown of the FD which initiated this fiasco. The current leadership was saddled with the task of cleaning up their mess. To allow the same regime to continue to provide EMS service will inevitably have the same results. It’s been said the the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So..if the county allows this same regime to contract EMS services you can be sure it will be a matter of time before OEMS comes in and shuts them down…aaaagain…forcing the Town of LW to have to step in and clean up again. Stop the insanity.

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