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Lake Waccamaw board approves funds for fire department

by Stuart High on 8th-April-2014

Lake Waccamaw board approves up to $50,000 for fire dept needs. Individuals, companies and other depts donating gear and cash. Home Insurance rates will go up an avg. $1,400 across the board.
The full story will be reported in The News Reporter Thursday.


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  • Concerned Citizen

    All of this because the prior Chief and his “Auxiliary” would not do their job. It is such a sad thing to witness.

  • John

    Im not going to call you out publicly but maybe you should look at what you are doing. Is this really right being in the position that you are in? Are you not supposed to be very unbiased and professional? It is hard to believe that you stand where you do and then make such slanderous remarks.

  • NC Vol. Fireman

    Just thank God you have a Fire Dept. and stop fighting

  • Mwc

    Sadly if our elected officials had done their jobs and checked the firestation and how it was working, this complete failure could have been avoided. They could have looked next door to their monthly meeting and asked a question or observed the organization of the fire station. Think of how much each of us will now pay in increased policy costs because those who handle the city business aren’t paying attention or have no understanding of how businesses work. All work positions need some sort of certification which must be kept up to date.