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Farmers Manage Deer meeting Wednesday at Lake

by Jefferson Weaver on 12th-August-2014

An effort to put excess deer on the dinner tables of the needy is coming to Lake Waccamaw.

Farmers Manage Deer, a cooperative effort between the state and multiple non-profits, will hold an informational meeting Wednesday at 10 a.m. at Lake Waccamaw Baptist Church.

The goals of the meeting are to help hunters, landowners and farmers promote harvesting of excess does, while encouraging hunting tourism as a new revenue source.

Last year was the first season for the FMD program in Columbus, and hundreds of pounds of venison were donated to foodbanks and soup kitchens throughout the area. This year, FMD hopes to expand the program even further.

Several initiatives are planned for this deer season, including a free dropoff during October doe days and the countywide youth doe donation drive.

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