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Place your classified ad online here. Your ad will appear in The News Reporter printed edition on Monday/Thursday and whiteville.com (Photo attachments will only appear on whiteville.com) To view your online ad on whiteville.com, click on the "Classifieds" tab and "View/Place online classified" located on the navigation bar. To view our News Reporter printed edition ads click on "View NR Ads" Deadline for ads is noon Friday for Monday paper and 10 AM Wednesday for Thursday paper. Online ads will be posted when approved.
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  • Betty Cummings

    Easter egg count in classifieds;Counted 102

  • Betty Cummings

    can not get your web site for Easteregg2015..my count is 117 eggs

    • nrwhiteville

      Hi Betty – I have received your egg count of 102, and I will enter it in the classified ad Easter Egg Contest. Thanks so much for your submission. We will take all the correctly counted entries and pick first, second and third place winners on April 10. The final day to enter is April 9th. Thanks,
      Stuart High

  • Sean Watson

    My mother rebecca watson wanted to enter her egg count as well she had 107 eggs. I cannot find out where to enter it. Email is snkwatson23@gmail.com thanks